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Some Things I Forgot to Tell You! 03.06.2011
Dzień dobry and привіт! 25.05.2011
No More Classes, No More Books 21.04.2011
A Picture is a Memory 30.03.2011
Once Upon a Time, in a Land Far Away... 10.03.2011
Ups and Downs 17.02.2011
When the Tourist Becomes the Tourguide 26.01.2011
A l’aise Breizh! 11.01.2011
My Christmas Conclusion 13.12.2010
All in the Family 07.12.2010
Don't Eat the Mayo 17.11.2010
Night of Frights in the City of Lights 09.11.2010
Weekend in Deutschland 27.10.2010
Back Again 20.10.2010
End of the Journey 16.06.2010
Fighting the break of dawn 03.06.2010
Dancing Frogs 28.05.2010
Barbie goes Hiking 25.05.2010
May: The Month of Work Holidays. 18.05.2010
The Begining of the Au Revoirs 10.05.2010
A Visit to Russia Without Leaving France 02.05.2010
Olé! 25.04.2010
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words 15.04.2010
le Possion d'avril 01.04.2010
Le Petit Ami 24.03.2010
The Randomness of Life 19.03.2010
You Say Tomato, I Say Tomate 09.03.2010
Into the West 28.02.2010
Delightful Dijon 17.02.2010
High School French Class Comes Back to Haunt Me. 02.02.2010
Twentyfourth Birthday 24.01.2010
Reflection 12.01.2010
An Introduction to France 07.01.2010
Happy Christmas to One and All! 07.01.2010
A Visit to Monsieur Noir and Madame Rose 21.12.2009
Fete des Lumieres 13.12.2009
The Ellis Island Experience 08.12.2009
A Very French Thanksgiving 29.11.2009
A PLAYful weekend 23.11.2009
Dining in France; Mussels, Lamb Brains and Crème Brûlée 19.11.2009
Back in the Theatre! Oh How I've Missed you! 16.11.2009
Using my Retainer 13.11.2009
Vacation Part Two: Germany and England 05.11.2009
Vacation Part One: Switzerland 05.11.2009
Veni, Vidi, Vichy 19.10.2009
Patience 15.10.2009
An American,Two Mexicans and a French Guy Walk into a Bar... 11.10.2009
Staccato Points 08.10.2009
First day as an assistant! 05.10.2009
Our first weekend 05.10.2009
Details 05.10.2009
Mistakes and more... 01.10.2009
The First two days 29.09.2009
Here I go again on my own 26.09.2009
The Begining 21.09.2009