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Somehow when I woke up this morning, it still felt like any other day. Kinda cloudy outside, cold fall breeze rushing in through my window, and my cell phone blaring my annoying alarm to get me up. Even as I was repacking my backpack, it still really didn't feel like I was packing up my life so I could move across the ocean. Although I am going to be there for 7 months, I am taking ONE suitcase. Yes you read that correctly. I have one big suitcase, a backpack and a large purse. THATS IT! Not to shabby considering I tend to over pack. Although I am sad to say that my lotions and purfumes did not make the trip with me. I figured I can buy them there. I also discovered that my Ipod did not make the trip with me, which was unintentional. grrr....

After I said goodbye to my family, and after dad shouted "I love you Amanda!" across the other side of security so everyone could hear, (love him!! Only dad would know that something like that would thrill me beyong belief, dispite the fact it made ever single passenger, guard and security person turn around. haha! ) I wandered off to find my flight. The plane was extremely hot which really did not help when two Italian ladies sat down across the aisle from me and started fanning their arm pits because they were so hot. Apparently they also chose not to wear deoterant......... The reality of this whole moving situation hit me on the plane, when I was staring out the window watching our bags get loaded. That I was actually doing this. I said I wanted to teach in France, applied, and now was on a plane waiting for the journey to begin. Yes, i did feel a bit sad, but really I felt ready. For the first time all summer I felt ready to start this adventure and open up a whole new chapter in my life.

The flight to JFK was fine. Our flight attendent had a pretty sweet New York accent which was accentuated when she said words like "Orange" and "La Guardia". I kind of wanted her to just sit down and talk with me the whole time so I could listen to her speak. I ended up sleeping most of the flight there, which I hope I will be able to do on my flight to London as well. I then had to switch airports so I took a taxi from La guardia to JFK.

Currently, I am sitting in British Airlines World Traveler's lounge after munching on a red pepper and cucumber sandwhich. Those frequent flyer miles can do some pretty sweet things! The lounge is huge and has about 100 arm chairs and 50 couches spread out all over the place. It is nice and quiet except for the bubble of a fountian on the other side of the room and the atttendent whistling the "Andy Griffith" theme song. If you have a "Club World" ticket with British Airlines, you can use their lounge and chill while waiting for your flight.There are even private shower suites that you can rent in 20 minute intervals so you can freshen up before your flight!I really enjoy sitting on a leather couch and checking my email instead of listening to a million screaming children while trying to find something decent to eat in the food court. Don't get me wrong I love people watching, but this is a much more relaxing, tranquil atmosphere. I plan to chill here for a bit longer then maybe walk around a bit to strech my legs since I have a 6 hours flight ahead of me.

Ok so plan for the rest of the trip:
~Get on a plane to London (they annouce when I can board my flight in the lounge. pretty classy eh?)
~hopefully sleep most of the way there so I am not a completely zombie.
~Flight from London to Lyon, France
~Once In Lyon take a bus to the train station (or perhaps another taxi because they are striking in Lyon right now... perfect timing!)
~take train to Roanne, about an hourish away from Lyon
~Meet My advisor at the train station, who will then take me to my apartment!
~Meet roomies if they are there
~Have dinner with my advisor and his fam.
~Try not to colapse from exhaustion.

I don't think i'll have internet at the apartment right away, so it could be awhile until i write again. But i'll try my darndest to put up some info and pictures about my new place!

And thank you all for the words of encouragement!!! They mean more to me then you know. :)

Miss you all already....On to London!

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I'm glad that you first flight went well! I hope that you are not a zombie, ps your blog is excellently written I feel like I am reading a memoir or something. bonne chance !!

by Pruna Brzezicki :]

Yay! Have tons of fun jaunty. This traveling blog is a great idea! The showers at the airport are classy and all, but do they supply rubber duckies? Are you supposed to bring your own!? Are they French rubber duckies with little mustaches? Do they squeak in the opposite direction because they are from the other side of the Prime Meridian? Do the rubber duckies not GO in the shower there because they don't shower very much over in French land?

Ok that should be enough comments and important questions to keep you busy for a while. Hope you are having lots of fun and settling in well. If your room mates try to tell you that EVERYONE in France wears flower pots on their heads, do NOT believe them, they are trying to trick you! (The truth is that everyone wears SOUP pots on their heads!)

Love you like lesson planning!

by Anne Marie

You can definitely tell you're an English major - nice writing! As you said, you are ready for this incredible journey, and I can't wait to hear more about your adventures and live vicariously through you, despite being in boring Menominee!

by LCS

Amanda- I am so proud of you! And very glad you'll be blogging your trip. Saturday after "fixing" our deck and finally sitting down, I that you had left- and then it hit me that you were gone for 7 months. So I'm sitting in our living room, with my mother in law's babble just a white noise sound amidst me and I start to sob. Yes SOB! It all hit me at once that you were so far away- or about to be. I want you to know that I love you very much PAG and I'm so excited for you to take this adventure. I wish I could be there with you! As much as I'm excited for you- I can't wait for you to come home. I feel like our friendship had just begun, again... and well- I miss you already!
Can't wait to hear more about your lovely time there! Je t'aime!

by Sara-rose

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